About Me

This is the sassy and almost 6' tall me!!

I bought a '"tall' t-shirt in the blind hope it was just like what the website said, when I got it ,I had a full on 4 year old temper tantrum as it was yet another t-shirt that was too short ( like 26" is long?),and made of tissue paper, I was so sick and tired of Googling tall t-shirts getting more and more frustrated that  decided to do something about it.  I got so angry,I basically had a full on 4 year old temper tantrum , I mean how hard could it be to make a simple long t-shirt for tall life experienced, (aka in the menopausal range)?

Being a lifetime entrepreneur running a number of businesses over the years as I come from a strong genetic pool of independant, stubborn, tenacious entrepreneurs. It was a small, logical  step to saying I'm going to make my own t-shirts!!  Three days later I had a zoom call with the small company that has manufactured my shirts,(can you tell I don't fart around when it comes to getting things done?), 2 weeks later I had fabric in hand and was face to face with the patternmaker who had no idea how to make a tall tee, she thought just make the length longer. Well after a bit of show and tell and finally telling her that she's only average and tall women have longer bones, weigh more due to our height, have wider shoulder, the light bulb went on and we were off to the races.  

I'm not going to bore you with the endless details about  back and forth emails, phone calls and samples to get the final result but let me tell you it was pretty intense, being an impatient person didn't help either. LOL

I'm truly proud of the end result of providing "True Tall" shirts that are exactly as I've promised them to be.  I hope  to provide more colours and  different styles of shirts that will become staples in your day to day wardrobe. It's just the beginning of this adventure, I'm tickled that you're joining along with me.